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Successful App 'How fresh is your fish'?
Available for free for iPhone and Android

An App ‘How fresh is your fish?’ from Nofima for iPhone and Android will assist you to evaluate how fresh a batch of fish is. The App for the iPhone was launched in May 2011 at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels. At the Bremen Seafood exhibition in February 2012 the App version 2 was launched with a larger number of fish species. In December 2012 the App was extended with a seafood product Maatjesherring.  The Android version was released in September 2013.
The App is free and is aimed at fishmongers, fish processors, fish inspectors, fish quality managers, students, teachers and consumers wanting to evaluate the shelf life of whole gutted fresh fish.

Best method
“This method is the best tool available today to assess freshness. You don’t need to know how old the fish is as this method calculates the remaining shelf life of the fish,” says Project Manager Joop Luten from QIM Eurofish. Joop Luten is former employee of Nofima (Norway) and seafood professor at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). He is the driving force behind the development of this successful App.
The app is based on the Quality Index Method (QIM), a standardised method for evaluating the freshness of fish, which was developed by scientists from several European research institutes and is now used worldwide.  “It is extremely important that fish maintains high quality through the entire production chain, from catch and slaughter through to production, transport and the shop shelves. The App may be used to check the fish throughout the whole chain, providing the fish is raw, fresh and whole,” says Luten.
This App has great potential as a documentation and control tool for processors and their customers. Today seafood processors carry out frequently similar manual controls. This app can help them to make the control process more efficient. Their customers can apply this App as a quality control when they receive the fish and then send the results. This will help both parties to get more rapid feedback if problems have occurred, for example during transportation. The results and photos of the assessed batch of fish can be stored into documentation systems.

Description of the App ‘How fresh is your fish?’
’How fresh is your fish’ allows you to assess in only a few steps the freshness of whole gutted fish.

Easy to use step-based questionnaire
You will be guided in the assessment via an easy to use step based questionnaire about the outer appearance of the yes, skin and gills and the odour and texture of your fish. High Definition photo support is available during the evaluation. The assessment is based on the Quality Index Method (QIM) being the leading international reference method for the determination of fish freshness. QIM is the ideal method for all stakeholders in the seafood chain from catch till consumer.

Easy to understand results
The result of your assessment will show how long your fish was stored in ice. And the estimated remaining shelf life in ice will be presented. A High Definition graphical presentation will show how much of the shelf life is remaining.

Easy to archive and retrieve
All the details from each freshness determination will be stored and archived. Photos can be added. Retrieval of various fish assessed within one batch is done with a few clicks.


  • Selection of fish species for the assessment. The following species can be evaluated: Brill, Cod, Deep water shrimp, Fjord Shrimp, Haddock, Herring, peeled Shrimp, Plaice, Pollock, Redfish, Salmon, Sole, Turbot and also the seafood product Maatjesherring.
  • Selection number of fish to be assessed
  • Guidelines for assessment
  • Instructions for measurement rigor
  • Shelf life fish species
  • Available in 11 languages (English, Norwegian, Icelandic, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Danish, and Italian).
  • Makes full use of HD graphics on the iPhone Retina display.
  • Photos can be added to the end results.
  • End results can be stored for future reference.
  • Share your results via e-mail (with CSV attachment for easy import in your spreadsheet).

Download the iPhone App ‘How fresh is your fish?’ at iTunes or the Android version at Google play


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