QIM Eurofish alliance
Guarantee for QIM quality

QIM Eurofish Strategic Alliance
As the QIM method has been developed and proved to be a quality assessment method that is more finely tuned than other grading methods used today, it is considered a valuable tool that may replace other methods. Further, it is being developed for more and more specific fish species, increasing its power as an overall assessment method. The determination of the exact QIM calibration scale must however be worked out with extreme precision and must be properly validated. A quality assurance must thus be observed for the QIM method as such. For this reason a strategic alliance called QIM Eurofish was raised with the aim of promoting the sound use of the QIM method for quality assessment.

The mission is to promote and implement the sound use of QIM as a versatile quality tool within fisheries distribution or production chains in Europe.

Aims QIM Eurofish

  • developing new QIM schemes for the evaluation of the quality of fresh fish
  • creating a QIM discussion platform of scientists, fishery chain sector and governmental organisations
  • stimulating research within the context of QIM regarding quality changes of fish products through the chain
  • stimulating the upgrading of existing QIM analytical tools
  • organising QIM workshops and training courses for the fishery chain across Europe
  • distributing QIM implementation information to the fishery chain


Strategic alliance QIM, November 2008
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