QIM - The benefits
QIM - The benefits

The benefits of QIM
The idea of the usage of QIM is to create way to measure the quality in a reliable way. It should give buyers and sellers more and better information than before and in that way support future business with "unseen" raw material. With this new and better information the users should be able to use the system in other things than only the assessment, i.e. marketing.
The reason for developing and using QIM is partly because the industry needs secure ways to measure the quality. Results of other assessment methods are very varying after individuals, countries and even areas within countries. Other research on the QIM has also proven very useful.

Fast, more accurate than previously possible. The key benefit of QIM is that the method provides the user (producers, buyers, sellers and retailers) with a reliable and standardized freshness measure of a product.

Benefits QIM. November 2008
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